Links to Medical Rules

S. Hoult

British Eventing

Medical Rules (p73, Chapter 9, 2019 Rule Book)

British Horseracing Authority

Medical Section

General Instruction 11 
regarding medical services on racecourses

British Riding Club

BRC Handbook (pg 138)

Point to Point

Point-to-point (pp59-65, BHA Instructions 2015/16)


Pony Club

Health, Safety & Safeguarding Rules 2016 (first aid & medical: p12-17 and Appendices A - J)

First Aid and Veterinary section  (includes First Aid Cover Matrix 2016 and appendices for First Aiders Pack)

Pony Club Racing Rules (see also Health, Safety & Safeguarding and the Matrix)


Pony Racing

Pony Racing Authority



Rules and Regulations (web page)

Medical Cover (p14)


Team Chasing

MFHA Team Chase Committee Rules (updated Nov 2012)

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