How To

When on the forum homepage you will see a list of all the current forums on MEA. When on a forum you can then access all the topics associated to that forum.

Creating New Topic

If you logged into your MEA account you will be able to create a topic within a forum for other members to comment on.
To create a new topic you have to be within a forum. You will then see a "create new topic" form where you can create a new topic. Enter the details required and press submit. The topic will then appear the fourm.

Here are some terms you will see when creating a new topic:

Topic Title - The name of the new topic you want to create. (Max length: 80 characters ) 

Topic Tags: These are keywords for the forum topic

Topic Type: Sticky – highlights in yellow and puts at the top / Super Sticky - highlights in yellow and puts above sticky

Topic Status: Pending - it won’t go live until changed / closed – no one can reply to the topic / trash – this deletes the topic

Leaving a Reply

When within a topic you can reply to comments left in a topic submitted by you and other members. To do this simply fill out the form at the bottom of the topic page and press submit. This will then be live on the site for other members to read and reply.

Tags: These are keywords for the forum topic

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